The hill just got a lot steeper

Yesterday I finally put my bike onto the stand so I can ride it like a stationary. (There has got to be a shorter way to say that.) It works great. I got a stand with magnetized resistance rather than air because the guy at Outspokin’ said it was quieter, but it’s still kind of noisy, so I’ll have to pick and choose when and where I use it.

At first I was thinking the front of my bike would fit under the bar table, so I had set the bike up over there, but the handlebars turned out to be too high, plus the front wheel hits the cross braces at the bottom of the table legs. I could probably jerry-rig something, but do I really want to dismantle my bicycle?

So I lugged it across the room to the dining area, so I can see the TV screen over the back of Sean’s couch while I’m riding.

And let me tell you, that was not easy. The stand is very heavy, to provide stability, and leaving it attached to the bike made the whole ensemble awkward to move. I couldn’t just shove it, because the stand’s folding legs kept trying to collapse. I basically had to lift the stand and then lean the bike to cause it to roll in the direction I wanted.

When I got it into the dining room, I had to stop and sit down. I was gasping for air. It was weird. I’m having that experience more and more often, where I feel like I can’t get air fast enough. My muscles never get anywhere near the point of feeling tired before I’m unable to breathe. I had thought maybe it was allergies, and the hope was that exercising indoors would help me avoid that experience, but apparently not. It looks like it’s something I’m going to have to deal with regardless of when and how I work out.

So I sat on the couch for a long time, sucking air in through my mouth and releasing it the same way, waiting for my heart to stop pounding and my body to feel ready to move again. Finally I was able to position the bike, which didn’t take as much effort. I tried it out and everything seemed good, but since I was afraid of being winded again I didn’t stay on the bike for long.

Writing about how pathetic this is, and thinking wistfully back to my kung fu days when I was in the best shape of my life, will do me no good. It’s a situation I just have to accept and deal with, unfortunately. Small steps.