R. Gabriel’s is gone :(

Not long ago, I met up with Mari and Jeannie at a little cafe on Davis Road for lunch. We had sandwiches and desserts, and I tried a smoothie.

“It’s all right,” I told my friends, “but next time I want a smoothie, it’ll be R. Gabriel’s. Best smoothies in the CSRA.”

It’s true. I have never found anything to match the smoothies at R. Gabriel’s. Not too runny, not too thick, great flavors…I can hardly think about them without wanting one.

Little did I know the next time I wanted a smoothie I would look in the window expecting the cheerful coffeehouse ambiance I’ve grown to love and instead see…racks of clothes.


It’s been awhile since that perplexing day. I kept meaning to call them and find out what happened, but I kept forgetting. Today I got a smoothie at Sonic, and…well, it’s just not an R. Gabriel’s smoothie :/ But having it with me at least reminded me to make the call today when I got to work.

“Your call cannot be completed at this time,” said an odd recording, which told me nothing. Their website still exists, too, with no mention of a closure or move.

Finally I decided to email the guy who does the business segment on our morning show, and he confirmed my fears: R. Gabriel’s was forced to shut down due to the ridiculous construction on Davis Road. He doesn’t know if the other two locations are still open, but the main one is gone. Not moved…just gone.

Life just isn’t fair ;_;