Webcomics 1/2

Me (12:53:55 PM): okay, here’s a question
Me (12:54:01 PM): why are there so many webcomics where men turn into women?
Jered (12:54:08 PM): are there?
Me (12:54:20 PM): why do guys want to be girls? do they think it’s awesome to be marginalized?
Me (12:54:23 PM): they’re all white guys, too
Jered (12:54:28 PM): must be because every web comic artist, or at least those responsible, are turned on by Ranma 1/2
Me (12:54:32 PM): maybe they just want to know what it’s like to be a minority
Me (12:54:39 PM): hahaha
Me (12:54:48 PM): actually I’m sure the minority part doesn’t even occur to them
Me (12:55:07 PM): when you’re default, you think you can be anything, and the possible problems don’t occur to you
Me (12:55:18 PM): the only problems these guys have with being girls is that they are no longer “manly”
Me (12:55:24 PM): and they get hit on, which is comic relief
Jered (12:55:30 PM): I always thought Ranma 1/2 was kinda sexy in some of the most absurd and disturbing ways possible.
Me (12:55:46 PM): there is one comic, Exiern, where they deal a little with prejudice and whatnot
Me (12:56:00 PM): but for the most part it’s “hahaha that guy turned into a hot girl”
Me (12:56:07 PM): and they ALWAYS turn into hot girls, it’s not just a girl
Jered (12:56:10 PM): lol
Me (12:56:34 PM): I want to see a webcomic where a guy turns into Daria
Jered (12:56:47 PM): I dunno if I can summon up the maturity level appropriate for this conversation
Me (12:57:06 PM): lol