Well, I’m awake

My nasal passages seem clear enough, but I still kept waking up gasping for breath this morning. It just felt weird because I seemed to be breathing fine, so I couldn’t find a reason for that to stop.

Last night I slept in our bed instead of the guest bed, which felt great on my back, but I wonder if Mom’s right and the flatness of it makes my throat get closed off. I guess tonight I can try sleeping on more pillows or something.

I went to bed early last night to try and get myself back on the good schedule. I’m thinking about trying to go biking later. But I don’t know how that’s going to work out if I get out of breath as easily as I have been. It shouldn’t be exhausting to put sheets on a bed, for example. I’m frustrated and I want to just try it and see if I can work myself out of this, but if it’s some sort of problem with my circulatory or respiratory system I’m just going to antagonize it. So meh.

Rex is coming over today to take the desk away. I need to get all my junk off of it at some point. :> Once the desk is gone I can reposition the second bedroom as a workout area, or something.

Right now I feel like there is gunk in my throat–not at the start of my nasal passages where I had been feeling it before, but instead a little lower–and it is grossing me out.