Why does everyone love Lana?

Okay, so she has some “exotic” looks (for much of the US, anyway), but she’s not particularly bright, whenever she’s said “leave it to me” she’s ended up failing, she passes out all the time, she makes decisions based on pride…no matter how much she wants to claim that she’s not a prize or a trophy, that’s really all she is. Her personality sucks, and she’ll completely turn her back on her friends rather than admit she could be wrong, and it’s okay because everyone inexplicably loves her anyway.

Also, she lives in Kansas and somehow doesn’t know the proper way to react to a tornado? :>

Also, she’ll choose to be with someone on the rebound, and then marry them within a year. What’s the rush, toots? Afraid you’ll be an old maid if you aren’t married before 20?

I also hate it when she tries to be a badass, because she totally sucks at it. It’s like she’s trying to grow up, but instead of just, you know, maturing, she decides to play all these games. But in the end, her games are pointless, and she’s still the scared wide-eyed little girl who gets victimized every week.

I don’t know if all of this is supposed to prove that she’s inferior to Lois, but if it is, producers, you can stop now. It’s been proven, time and again, since season 1.

Can you let her be a real character now? After all, there’s got to be some reason Pete ends up marrying her. (Man, I bet dinners at the White House with President Lex are awkward…)