Smallville season 11

Smallville Season 11 digital cover by Cat Staggs
Smallville Season 11 digital cover #1 by Cat Staggs (DC Comics)

DC has announced a new digital-first comic that picks up six months after Smallville leaves off. The series will be illustrated by Pere Perez (interiors), colored by Chris Beckett, and written by Brian Q. Miller, who the news release identifies as a former Smallville “series scribe”.

I looked Miller up on IMDb, since I didn’t recognize his name. It turns out he wrote nine episodes between October 2008 and the end of the series, and in the last season he was the executive story editor.

Sean and I only recently watched Smallville season ten. When it aired, we kept missing episodes, so we waited until it was on Blu-Ray to catch up. This took a long time; the Blu-Rays didn’t come out until late November, and then I decided to wrap them as a Christmas present when they arrived, so we actually didn’t see how things ended until after the new year.

The pacing felt very uneven. There were several very interesting themes raised right before the series ended, then never properly dealt with. Maybe those themes will come out in the comic series? One example is how Lois starts wondering what happened with Lana, and discovers that Lana made one hell of a sacrifice, and then…nothing. No closure. You could argue that Clark and Lois’ relationship should have nothing to do with Lana, and I’d agree, but I’ve also always felt that having Clark and Lana be star-crossed lovers, rather than having their relationship fundamentally not work, was a mistake. It mars Clark and Lois with the whisper of what could have been. If you step back and don’t think of Clark and Lois as having a “destiny”, and you evaluate purely based on the story you were given in the show, then it really seems like Clark and Lana have a larger destiny than Clark and Lois do.

Really, I never liked the “destiny” idea anyway. I always thought Clark and Lois were about flouting destiny and fate. I mean, Superman is not human. His “destiny” is not to have a human love; it is to be a solitary savior. What I wanted to see from Smallville was not a shoehorning in of Lois into a “destiny” that only exists because the audience knows the original story, but a conscious choice on the part of two individuals to throw caution to the wind and accept that they love each other, despite all the reasons they shouldn’t be together. Two people who realize all the good they can do together. Two people who intelligently assess the situation and transform an oppressive fate into hope. I would have liked to have seen this happen between Clark and Lois because Lois is too bullheaded and passionate to accept that fate can’t be changed, and her optimism would drive Clark to do greater things. And this would have shown that she was superior to Lana as his love interest, because Lana could only see herself as a burden to Clark, not as his inspiration.

I felt like this sort of thing could have happened in the show, but didn’t, and it was pretty disappointing that a starker contrast wasn’t drawn between Lois and Lana. In truth, it sometimes wasn’t clear why Clark loved Lois at all. (Because he was supposed to?)

But I digress.

While I wasn’t extremely impressed with how Smallville ended, Miller did write some cute stand-alone episodes, like Committed, Hex, Echo, and Warrior. (Bulletproof was also good, but a little too on the nose.) I do see from DC’s website that he’s a comics writer, and apparently his Batgirl is pretty popular. I’m liking the examples I’m seeing, at any rate. What concerns me is Miller’s ability to craft a compelling overarching story; I don’t really get that from his stint on Smallville. But maybe he’ll be more comfortable writing Smallville in his native medium. And Pere Perez, who works with Miller on Batgirl, puts out some fun and cute art, which for me is important.

So I think the new Smallville Season 11 comic series will be worth checking out, at least. Maybe it’ll deal with some of the TV series’ problems. We can always hope!

He might get it…maybe

Edit: Here’s an alternate version of the second pic, suggested by Charles:

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Why does everyone love Lana?

Okay, so she has some “exotic” looks (for much of the US, anyway), but she’s not particularly bright, whenever she’s said “leave it to me” she’s ended up failing, she passes out all the time, she makes decisions based on pride…no matter how much she wants to claim that she’s not a prize or a trophy, that’s really all she is. Her personality sucks, and she’ll completely turn her back on her friends rather than admit she could be wrong, and it’s okay because everyone inexplicably loves her anyway.

Also, she lives in Kansas and somehow doesn’t know the proper way to react to a tornado? :>

Also, she’ll choose to be with someone on the rebound, and then marry them within a year. What’s the rush, toots? Afraid you’ll be an old maid if you aren’t married before 20?

I also hate it when she tries to be a badass, because she totally sucks at it. It’s like she’s trying to grow up, but instead of just, you know, maturing, she decides to play all these games. But in the end, her games are pointless, and she’s still the scared wide-eyed little girl who gets victimized every week.

I don’t know if all of this is supposed to prove that she’s inferior to Lois, but if it is, producers, you can stop now. It’s been proven, time and again, since season 1.

Can you let her be a real character now? After all, there’s got to be some reason Pete ends up marrying her. (Man, I bet dinners at the White House with President Lex are awkward…)

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Japanese(?) in Smallville

In episode 18 of season 5, Lex and Lana are coming back from their first date, if you can call researching various and sundry classified documents about space aliens over Japanese food a date. Lana tells Lex he could have warned her about the squid brains.

Lex responds, “Oh-EE-SHEE kara DAY SHOW”, which I am guessing was supposed to be おいしいからでしょう, though I’m not sure. A quick Google search reveals that that is in fact a phrase. I’ve never heard anyone say it, but I’m guessing it could mean something like, “Because it was good, right?”

(おいしい = delicious, から = because, でしょう = kind of a copula with an opinion connotation, I guess. Jim Breen sez “(I) think; (I) hope; (I) guess; don’t you agree?; I thought you’d say that!”)

Lex’s next line is “Come on, you can’t fool me. You loved it,” which is sorta-kinda a translation.

It occurred to me that he might have been saying 塩辛, but I definitely hear an “o” at the beginning of the phrase. Besides, what would 塩辛でしょう mean, anyway? “It was totally entrails, man”?

Anyway, I’m not knocking Michael Rosenbaum, who is a fabulous actor (not to mention totally hot). It’s hard to get the pitch inflection of Japanese down right. You have to work to overcome the natural tendency in English to put stress on the penultimate syllable.

I just always find it interesting when people speak a language I’m somewhat familiar with :)

Re: Smallville season finale

OMGWTFBBQ on a popsicle stick…!

This season kind of blew in general. While I don’t want to say that cliffhanger made up for it, it certainly made things interesting again…

(Although this new series of events makes me wonder if Clark will ever become Superman…click here for spoileriffic picture that demonstrates why you shouldn’t use ThumbsPlus to create a jpeg from two pngs. Jaggies!)

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It’s certainly a good thing for Clark that everything that happens in Smallville causes amnesia.

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Dream-Chloe drives a Yaris

And not just any Yaris. A Yaris hatchback, the same exact color I’m going to buy.

It must be fate.

I’m hoping mine will have rims rather than hubcaps, but you get the idea.