It’s certainly a good thing for Clark that everything that happens in Smallville causes amnesia.

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Life on Mars

This has fueled silly, half-baked science fiction tangents all afternoon. Among the questionable things I’ve said:

  1. “See, humans used to live on Mars, until we destroyed the environment there and had to move to a new planet, Earth. It’s so obvious! This is why humans are (apparently) the only intelligent life on this world. Earth is at an earlier stage than Mars. Don’t you see? When we came here we lost our old technology due to being unable to refine metal with the equipment we had, and now our extraterrestrial life lives on only in myths and legends that have become severely warped over time!”
  2. “Hey, I could write a novel about my crazy speculations in (1)!”

Don’t worry, though…I don’t have it in me to write a novel. At least not yet :P