New furniture

While Mom was here I got a lot done that I’d been meaning to, including getting a dining room table and a reasonably-sized desk for the office/guest room. My wonderful mother assembled these pieces of furniture for me and she did an amazing job.

Here is my table, which is from the Sears Nigoshi collection:

And here’s my desk, which is by Sauder and which we found at Office Depot:

The long drawer on the desk is hanging open because a part was missing, but the company sent it to us for free and it should be here soon. I’ll take a new picture once I have it.

I am totally in love with all my new furniture. This plus the addition of my second DVD cabinet and the slight rearranging of the living room has made the apartment feel like a whole new place. I’m thrilled with how it all came out. It’s so nice to walk in and feel like I’m in a real home, instead of just a place with stuff thrown into it.