Diving back in

Getting back to work yesterday was such a relief. I’m tired of seeing my previous, whiny post about how illness ruins my life, so I figured I’d write a short post about how much I got accomplished yesterday.

As I Twittered, things didn’t go perfectly smoothly without me. There are things only I know how to do, things I’ve told people how to do but they’re a little rough at it, and things I’ve trained people on but I’m just better at doing. I had a little bit of catch-up work to do to get things up to my level. I know I sound egotistical, but I’d like to think that everyone sets standards for their work and then tries to meet them, and you wouldn’t think that way necessarily when you’re filling in for someone else’s job–so see, it’s just realism, not egotism.


Regardless, I got the site to where I wanted it to be, and then did some work I’d been putting off due to other projects, and then did what I call my TPS reports (they actually do serve a purpose, but they are so boring). At some point I took a 45 minute lunch break and went to Wendy’s with Elgin and Fichtel, which was cool. I did not have a Frosty, shockingly, but alas, I did have fries. Back at work, I handled an ad issue for sales, made two calls on another ad issue for sales (but no answer), and then dove into a design project I volunteered for last week. I had received an email from the printing company that they needed the artwork ASAP. The files I was working with were huge, so I literally could not have any programs open but Photoshop while working on them, so I had to work it in during a non-busy time. Fortunately I was able to do so yesterday, and I got the design done! Now I just have to hope it’s acceptable for printing…it has a lot of color and I’m not sure what that might do to the price.

Then I did my usual evening tasks–my job ramps up during the last two hours due to the evening newscasts. I ended up staying a little late, but since I don’t have any sick hours left and I missed two and a half days this week I guess that’s a good thing ;P

Now it’s Friday, the last day before my vacation. I’ll finish up my TPS reports today, work on uploading some video to various places, make sure that project is acceptable for the printer, and do my regular tasks. I also have a doctor’s appointment this morning and a salon appointment this afternoon, and I’m supposed to take pictures of the weekend talent at some point.

Ah, what a life I lead :)