Canal photos

I finally got my pictures from the Augusta Canal uploaded, tagged, and captioned.

This is the end of a section of stair rail. Weird, but it kind of fits with the outdoor, roughing it theme of the area.

A new trail…at least to me. So of course I had to explore it!

The end of the new trail (it was pretty short, but I loved the view).

Gazing at the bridge and headgates from behind, I noticed a crazy photographer standing on the thin concrete wall that separates man from the Savannah.

This is the closest shot I got of him.

Here’s another wall-percher. For some reason she reminds me of Tamara. I think it’s the hair, though it could also be the attitude. “I’m so cool, I think nothing of sitting barefoot on stone in 60 degree weather, reading a book!”

Ah yes, one of my all-time favorite subjects. Damn, I thought I had it so the reflection at the top was out of the frame.

Sean has a weird name for these, which I can’t remember, and I can’t remember the proper name for them either ;P

Well, poo.

One of many “ooh aren’t silhouetted bare branches cool?” shots.

I started finding the power pole and line aesthetic pleasing when I went to Japan for the first time. This example is right up there.

Can you see why I love this place?

I just like the shapes in this shot, the curves and lines.

And here’s another favorite subject. Too bad it stinks…

One for the road.

As you can tell from the order of the pictures, I went down a bunch of stairs (going down isn’t a strain, it’s just going up that’s bad) and then walked across the headgates bridge. I headed up to the quarry, where I turned around, but I took the new bridge near the new fishing dock rather than going all the way back to the headgates. This gave me the opportunity to see the waterfall (and some litter), and then I decided to go through the woods to the parking lot instead of up the long gravel driveway. I think the forest trail was less of a strain than the road would have been.

I walked for about a mile, but for the first half of that I was stopping for photos a lot so I’m not sure how much I can count ;> By the end, though, I had worked up a sweat and was pretty winded. It felt great.

I need to make a photo walk a part of my weekend routine–something that happens every Saturday.

Many many many many many more photos, of varying quality, here.