Measuring progress

As I’ve been working towards my weight loss and health goals, I’ve been tracking my weight quite a bit. I take my weight every day and put it in a little calendar. On Mondays, I put that weight into Weight Watchers Online, too. The Wii Fit takes my weight and calculates my BMI daily. And on Fridays, we have a weigh-in at work for the weight loss competition Amanda and I organized. But I haven’t really done much else in terms of tracking my fitness, other than noticing I can do more things now than before.

So today I took my measurements. I had taken them when I first started on TurboJam…unfortunately, I’m not sure when that was. I also took them on June 29, almost two months ago. Here’s how I stack up:

  Undated June 29 August 20 Difference
chest 48.5" 48.5" 47.5" -1"
right bicep 17.5" 15" 14" -3.5"
left bicep 18" 16" 15" -3"
waist 48" 47" 45.5" -2.5"
hips 56" 55.5" 53.5" -2.5"
right thigh 30" 29.75" 28.5" -1.5"
left thigh 30.5" 30" 28.5" -2"
right calf 17 7/8" 17" -7/8"
left calf 17 7/8" 17" -7/8"
neck 16.25" 15.5" -0.75"

I’d say those are some pretty impressive changes! I’m looking forward to watching more inches “melt away”, as the cliche goes.


  1. Thank you so much! I am so happy with how I’m looking and feeling, and so glad that I have palpable results for all my hard work. This is the first time in my life I’ve felt so good about my health. And working out makes me feel great! It’s amazing to me to think back to before I got into my exercise routine, how I hated working out and used any excuse at all to skip it. Now I’m unhappy if I don’t work out–not in a guilty way, but in a “I missed something fun” way.

    It’s almost like being a completely different person.

    A lot of my motivation has been to avoid the implanted defibrillator. My echo is scheduled for a week from today. I really hope my exercising has helped my heart improve enough that I won’t need the ICD.

    But I’ve decided that if I do need it, I’m not going to let myself be depressed enough to stop doing what I’m doing. It’s possible that my heart condition is something I can’t completely control…but I can control how healthy I feel and how much I weigh. These past few months have proven that. So I will keep at it, for the rest of my life, and be happy :)

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