Me: I’m going for a bike ride. Be back in a couple of hours.

Sean: A couple of hours? That’s a long time! What am I supposed to do without you?

Me: Well, it takes that long…I have to get there, and then I have to ride, and then I have to come back.

Sean: I suppose I’m not allowed to watch Smallville while you’re gone.

Me: No!

Sean: And I know I can’t watch Monk either.

Me: No, you can’t.

Sean: So what am I supposed to do?

Me: Isn’t there some sort of quest you can go on?

Sean: I can’t save the world all the time. Sometimes, other people have to do it.

Me: Would you rather I not go?

Sean: No, I want you to go. I just want to watch Smallville while you’re gone.

Me: Well, if you do that you’ll have to watch the same episodes again when I get back.

Sean: Okay, fine. I give in to your demands. The plane will be waiting at the airport.

Me: Don’t forget the $30 million.

Sean: Whatever, terrorist.

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