1. Mmmm, is that at Harbor Inn? I usually get a tuna steak there, but I think I’ll try the swordfish next time, now, especially since I’ve tried preparing it at home and I LOVE it. :D We’ll have to go to Harbor Inn together. ;)

  2. Okay, I’d be frightened by your ability to discern Augusta restaurants, but I think the blue table gives it away.

    The swordfish was quite good! I couldn’t eat it all, and I limited myself to 3 hush puppies, which I was very pleased about later when I tallied points…

  3. Hahaha, I’m cracking myself up over this at the moment, but I recognized the hush puppies. :P I so pine to be back home, that I’ve committed most favorite food items to memory, I guess. ;)

    I say we get the swordfish and split it, then. :) Might have to order at least another side, I suppose, but hey, I’m always cool with a baked potato. :D

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