It has begun

Yes, it's still October…


  1. Sears!

    I LOVE Christmas stuff. Did you go to Macy’s or Dillards, and see what sort of Christmas things they had, too? I miss US shopping!!!! :(

  2. LOL, good eye!

    Unfortunately no, I didn’t check out any of the other department stores. I happened to park by Sears, so I walked through and looked at furniture and Christmas stuff, then continued into the mall. I was actually hoping to get some Asian trinkets at that little store that had all the furniture and knives and things, but they appear to have closed :(

    I do really like the mall now, though…very clean and bright and (dare I say) “hip”. When my well-traveled aunt Bev was in town, I was not ashamed to send her there looking for handbags :)

  3. Oh no, that little place is closed? I loved it! And in all honesty, it had hung around a pretty decently long time for all of those little stores along that line. I’d certainly rather have THAT little place in the mall, than, say, that gawd-awful Spencer’s store!

    I LOVE the mall, the new section is EXCELLENT! It wasn’t even fully finished when I was there last, so I can’t wait to see what else has been completed/finished/added.

    And you’re SO RIGHT! There’s no need at all to be ashamed of sending important people handbag shopping when there’s a Coach store easily at hand. ;) Speaking of, did you know the ONLY place I can get a legitimate Coach bag here is LONDON?! Seriously, the only real Coach store IN THE ENTIRE UK is located in Terminal 5 of Heathrow airport. UGH, this place.

    At least I can get Francesco Biasia and DKNY locally. Sheesh.

  4. Barnes and Noble is about ready to open–the facade is done and there’s stock inside. It looks really nice, and big. Some existing stores seem to have had facelifts, too. There’s a nice seating area next to Sears on the downstairs level that has leather couches and chairs. The fountain is still there, but smaller. It looks nice.

    I think that horrible pet store is gone, too…or at least, I didn’t see it when I was there. MAN that place was depressing. Who thought it was a good idea to put animals in tiny plastic boxes all day?

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