Not bad…

…but not great. And it's actually a bit big!

The other one was inexplicable.


  1. I’ve always envied how you have enough up top to easily fill out a low-ish cut, wrap top –wish I DID!

    That said, though, the pattern/color of the dress just isn’t flattering –for ANYONE.

    You should SO SERIOUSLY come shopping here, I KNOW you’d LOVE it!! ;D

  2. haha…I think it would have been okay if it had been 1) smaller and 2) a top, not a dress. Dresses have a hard time with my shape ;>

  3. Why why WHY does lane bryant insist on these awful prints? I think the style of dress is really cute on you- waaayyy cuter than it was on me. But like Brooke says, the color/pattern isn’t delightful. I have better luck at Macy’s, Belk, and even JC Penney these days.

  4. I found the print really attractive, to be honest…maybe I have an eye for patterns that would go better on pillows than on my person.

    However, if I had designed it, I would have put the pattern at the top and maybe on the sleeves only, and made the rest of the dress black or wine-colored.

  5. Exactly! This print would have made a great scarf to highlight your waist or neck or something, but not as an entire dress. It’s overwhelming on any body type. I should go be a designer at Lane Bryant and pull them out of this mess they’ve made.

  6. I’m feeling the scarf and blouse ONLY suggestions with the pattern of the dress. I say all three of us go set Lane Bryant straight!! ;)

  7. Whoa, I just realized HOW LONG YOUR HAIR has gotten!! :) It’s not been that long in FOREVER! Looks great. :) Looks like it did when we first met over DDR, what, ten million years ago? ;)

  8. Mine’s even shorter at the moment than it was when we last hung out! That said, I just got it cut yesterday. ;)

    When I see you later this year, we’ll have to take another picture like we did in March at Bee’s Knees. In fact, we can take it at Bee’s Knees, I certainly wouldn’t argue against it!

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