Ice skating? Outside? In AUGUSTA?

Someone walking by as I was taking pictures exclaimed, "That's not
ice! That's a BOARD!"


  1. Hello, engaged woman!

    Do you mean, how do people keep from skating off the “ice” and onto the street? I dunno. Nobody did that while I was watching!

  2. This looks so cool. I wish I would’ve known about it! I of course would’ve been the one falling off the side! :D

    I only stop at the ice skating rink by slowing down enough to hit the side wall and stop myself. Smooth real smooth…

  3. Someone on Facebook who was helping to hand out skates says that the surface was actually plastic. Pretty interesting.

    I am actually pretty good at ice skating (though I can’t do any spins/tricks), but the skates really hurt my feet. So do inline roller skates.

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