The Imperial

Slightly better seats this time. Next time I need to buy them earlier!


  1. You can’t REALLY get a bad seat at the Imperial.

    I PERSONALLY NEVER sit in the balcony, though, because there’s just NO leg room up there and when you’re 6 feet tall that’s a bit of a priority. ;)

    Hope y’all enjoy it!! :D

  2. The musical was great!

    I disagree with your no bad seat at the Imperial theory, though…maybe for you, since you’re tall, but I always have to sit at the edge of my seat, or on my feet(!), to see over the people in front of me. Why? Because the seats aren’t staggered! So there’s always a big head directly in front of me! Plus, people are always leaning to either side because they can’t see over the big heads in front of them.

    The ideal seats in the mezzanine are right along the rail, so that no one’s in front of you. Unfortunately, those were all sold by the time I bought the tickets.

    Sean said the floor would have been fine too, but I’m not sure about that, since it would be harder to see things at the back of the stage. The only time I’ve sat on the floor level was for the Sophie Milman concert. I was off to the left of the stage and could see pretty well, but then again the band was only four people. I’m not sure how that seat would be for a stage filled with actors and sets.

  3. Hmmm, I don’t know, that’s strange, but then again, maybe the taller thing does hold water.

    The majority of the PLAYS I’ve seen there I’ve watched from backstage when I was doing sets, but other productions I’ve seen there have all been very visible from most floor seats.

  4. The floor seats might be staggered; I don’t remember. But the ones in the mezzanine aren’t! Maybe next time I’ll try the floor.

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