I’ve found myself getting annoyed or upset by things that shouldn’t matter today, or at least which don’t warrant such a strong response. For example, this morning I passed a house where I’ve seen a cute little old man doing yard work or getting the mail before. He wasn’t around and the house was in the process of getting new siding. I thought, “What if the man died, and his family is fixing up his house to sell it?” And the thought made me so sad that tears came to my eyes.

Then today at lunch, I tried the new cafe in Hammond’s Ferry. I had really been looking forward to it. When I got there, it was busy, so I couldn’t sit outside in the nice weather. Inside, after I was seated, all the waitresses ignored me–I don’t know if they thought I was waiting on someone else or what. The hostess tried to help me but was too distracted to do a good job. She offered me bread and never brought it, and didn’t ask if I’d like dessert before bringing the check. I’d wanted to try something of theirs, but I was so irritated by the experience that I paid and left instead. Normally I would have just said, “Actually, I was hoping to get some dessert, too.”

So I grouchily drove away, still wanting dessert. It struck me that I still hadn’t tried Sno Cap Drive-In, so I went there. After sitting in a parking spot for awhile, I finally noticed the sign on the menu that says, “sorry the system is out of order. You may place your order inside and we will bring it to you.” Great, I thought, a drive-in that isn’t even really a drive-in. What a fabulous day I’m having.

These are not things to get upset over, but I can’t seem to help it.

The hot fudge cake sundae is helping, though.

As you might guess, I am wondering if I’m hormonal, if I’m going to have another period. Tomorrow it will be exactly 30 days since the last one started. Am I going to keep having regular periods? That’s what I’m hoping.

But if that hope is causing some sort of psychosomatic PMS, then BLAH.

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