More ginormous cake

*Homer Simpson gurgle*


  1. Let me guess…do they have CAKE? XD

    Hopefully we can SHARE something, because I really need to stop eating so much cake.

    (Thankfully with my workout tonight I managed to break even on calories.)

  2. Good for you about breaking even!! :)

    Bettys does have cake, yes, but not near the vulgar display of Boll Weevil, and other places we frequent. ;) It’s a nice mix of fine desserts, quality chocolates, nice teas, coffees, some savory things, and the most amazing ambiance! You’ll end up eating much less there, than you would at B.W., but I can guarantee you you’ll love the entire experience! :D

    And as for coming up with a balance of trying amazing foods here, AND keeping an eye on points, I’ve been keeping that in mind, and I think we’ll be JUST fine and able to do a bit of both!! :)

    We’re going to go for quality experiences, rather than quantity of “different foods”.

    It’ll be amazingly good fun, you’ll see! :D

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