1. Eww, what kind is that? I’m sure it’s just me, but the icing looks dry, and the color’s not very appetizing. As amazing a photographer as I know many times over you are, I’m sure it’s just the picture, and that the cake is NOTHING like that, actually. ;)

    And I think the cake’s that big, because they know we’ll order it. At least you and me, anyway! ;)

    My high school friends are no longer working there, BTW. He’s still in the restaurant business, though, still in Augusta as well, but the name of the place escapes me for the moment…

  2. It’s their seasonal Strawberry Cake. And it is SOOOOOO GOOD. I was only able to eat the bottom two layers; the rest is in the fridge.

    The icing is delicious. It’s a thick buttercream I think.

    My iPhone takes decent pictures, but it doesn’t do this cake justice!

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