Getting there

I’m pretty happy with this color scheme. I’m going to be working on the sidebar and top/bottom navigation, so those aren’t final yet. I’m also going to be adding a graphical header. But I like how it’s coming along :)

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Thanks! :)

I am doing it the hard way since I host my own blog…I will probably write a post about the redesign process because it’s kind of involved.

I was just telling David yesterday that I really dislike my blog host (it doesn’t work half the time, and for the money it costs, it’s too restrictive) and that I think I’d be more into it again if I actually did it all myself, like you. I think I’ve just outgrown blog-city. I think I did that years ago, though, and it’s just now to the point of being really aggravating. :P

Anyway, I can’t wait to read your redesign post, because I’ll be reading bunches of info so I can get my own all done up eventually. ;)

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