Guacamole Pimiento Cheese Sandwich

It's actually called something cute like Avomento, but I can’t remember exactly what.

Just remembered: Guac-a-Mento.


  1. Okay, so I’ll be the one to ask. It started with the occasional dish, but now your actual blog has more postings of food pictures than anything else. So the question is, why? Who is it you’re taking these pictures for?

  2. Myself. As you know, I have never found it appealing to change what I felt like posting to satisfy some idea of my “audience”. That’s why this blog (or whatever it is) will never be popular.

  3. So do you take pictures of everything you eat, or only when you eat out, or only pretty food, or only stuff that is particularly good/bad for you? I’m curious about what the process is that you’re going with.

    And yeah, I don’t tailor my blog for anyone else either, so kudos to you!

  4. I don’t take pictures of everything. Generally I will take a picture if:

    1) I’ve never tried the item before;
    2) I’m out with friends (I typically take pictures of people as well in that case);
    3) I’m lonely and want to let people see what I’m doing so they can respond;
    3) I’ve cooked something I think turned out well.

    I hadn’t really thought about the rhyme and reason behind the photos before. Interesting!

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