Wanted: Entry-level digital SLR recommendations

I’ve grown increasingly unhappy with the quality of my digital photos. I feel that I could be doing so much more if I had a camera with more manual options. I think I’m ready to move to an SLR.

Even though I’ve been taking pictures since I was a teenager, I’m a novice when it comes to camera use. I don’t want to go out and spend several thousand dollars on a camera without knowing what features I want. Instead, I’d like to buy a gateway camera, something that I can use to get my feet wet in “real” photography. I’d like to spend a few hundred.

Anyone have recommendations?


  1. My parents have been using the Canon EOS series for many years now. When you buy into a SLR camera you are also buying into the lens system that goes with it. If you like, I could ask my mum for a recommendation – you might need to translate the model names, as Canon uses different names for the US market, but the cameras are the same.

  2. Hi Heather – it’s David’s mum here. I was interested to hear that you are thinking of entering the digital SLR market.

    Frank and I have been using Canon EOS series for a number of years now and have been really pleased with our results. Frank says there is a very good website where you can look at the range of models available in the US and also read customer feedback reports. It’s called http://www.dpreview.com . I also look at http://www.photo.net ( almost everyday!) where you can read about cameras, lenses and other accesories. I like to look at the galleries on this site for inspiration. There are some wonderful images.

    You might want to take a look at the Canon EOS 500D or EOS1000D ( also known as digital rebel in the US) The 1000D come as a kit with a 18mm-55mm IS ( image stabiliser) lens.

    This size zoom would be pretty useful.

    You can also look at our images on our club website – http://www.stocksbridgephotographic.org.uk
    A number of our friends use Canon cameras.

    You are more than welcome to look at our kit when you come over here in a few weeks time. I hope this is helpful.

    Best Wishes

  3. Thank you so much, David’s mum! ;)

    I am actually hoping to buy a camera before I come to England. That’s why I’m looking for something inexpensive now, because I don’t feel like I have the time to do enough research to buy the perfect camera before the trip. But as you and David have pointed out, it is worthwhile to pay attention to the lens system, so I really appreciate all the information! I will take everything into account and hopefully start researching soon…I’m about to go out of town and won’t have a chance until maybe Sunday night.

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