A conversation with Saotome Alto

Random Macross Frontier character: Alto, you need to stop leading those girls on.

Alto: What do you mean?

RMFC: You know; Sheryl and Ranka.

Alto: Yes, I know them.

RMFC: No. You know.

Alto: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

RMFC: It’s not fair to them, Alto. You’re being a jerk.

Alto: No, seriously. What?

RMFC: This clueless act is endearing…really. But you’ve played a woman in kabuki; you should know better, Princess.

Alto: Don’t call me Princess!

RMFC: I’ve figured it out. Because you identify with women, you don’t want to hurt them. So you put off making a decision. But don’t you realize that by doing that, you’re hurting both of them? At least if you pick one, the one you pick won’t be hurt.

Alto: If you don’t start making sense, I’m going to have to give up on this conversation.

RMFC: Pick one. Who are you going to kiss? Sheryl, or Ranka?

Alto (embarrassed): I’ve already kissed both of them.

RMFC: Okay, fine; ignore my clever OP song reference. Which one are you going to date?

Alto: I don’t understand.

RMFC: Most people in our society are monogamous, Alto.

Alto: That’s a big word. But I don’t see what it has to do with me.

RMFC: So you’re saying you’re a bigamist?

Alto: Oooh, another big word.


Alto: Look, this has been fascinating, but I’d like to go fly my Valkyrie now. See you.


  1. Okay, yeah, Alto can be a bit… oblivious sometimes. Or he's deliberately playing for the harem route ending, in which case the movie will have Klan falling into his arms, too.

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