Previews before Harry Potter

There were several previews before Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, some of which made an impression.

It was neat to see the 2012 trailer on a big screen. The effects looked just as spectacular as they did on my computer monitor.

When the trailer for the next Twilight movie came on, before I could even tell what it was, 90% of the theater had an orgasm. At least, that’s what it sounded like!

I was horrified that no one around me seemed to have read Where the Wild Things Are. I heard no shouts of excitement or even murmurs of recognition. One of the teenage boys in front of me explained to his companions, “It’s some sort of book.”

There was an ad for a movie about a boy becoming a hero with a long name I can’t remember, and an ad for a kids’ movie. And that’s about all I recall.

Really, none of the trailers that were new to me were all that interesting. I’m not sure what movie I’m looking forward to at this point…other than seeing Half-Blood Prince again :)

Edit: I forgot about the preview for Sherlock Holmes, mainly because it looks completely stupid and non-Holmesian and its mere existence is enough to drive me to throw things. I probably blocked it out of my memory ;P

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  1. OMG, I CANNOT WAIT for Where The Wild Things Are!! My ultimate dream for getting to watch that movie would be in Augusta, DEFINITELY with Dorothy and anyone else who absolutely LOVES that book!!

    How DARE those people NOT KNOW Where the Wild Things Are?! What were they, robots??!

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