1. Okaaaaay, so if I walk with an evidently CONFIDENT demeanor, the only logical explanation is that I MUST HAVE RECENTLY had an orgasm?!

    Of all the sexist BULL CRAP I’ve ever heard. Wow, do women really scare some people THAT MUCH?!

  2. CT: hahaha :D

    Brooke, I think it means if you have a lot of vaginal orgasms, your pelvis kind of spends a lot of time in a certain position, and certain muscles get more exercise, which over time affects the way you walk. I didn’t read the whole study, but I kind of wonder if this is true across the board, or only in one particular sexual position. “[G]reater pelvic and vertebral rotation” sounds to me like they’re favoring the missionary position…but I could be wrong.

    My question is why in the world they care, and how they came up with this idea to begin with. Were the researchers just staring at women thinking “Hmm, some of them walk differently”?

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