It’s Labor Day weekend, which in the past has meant three days of blissful rest and relaxation and fun. This time, though, I’m gazing ahead at three long days of nothing with impatience. The expanse of filler days stand between me and the information I need to send in for my weight loss surgery; where many people are thrilled to have Monday off, I just wish it was Tuesday already.

This surgery has been a long time coming for me. I’ve know for years I should do it, but something always held me back. I can make excuses about circumstances, but the truth is I was more afraid of making this big change to my body that would help me fix my lifestyle and health than I was afraid of all the health risks of staying obese. Now, though, I have no more time to waffle or make excuses. I’ve got to do this, for myself, for my health, for my self-confidence, for the child Sean and I may adopt someday, for all of my family. I’ve had just the kick in the pants I needed. Everything is ready.

I just have to wait for this holiday to be over so I can get some tests done and some documentation faxed.

Argh :>