The tablet-laptops are on their way

I previously wrote about my new obsession with tablet-laptop hybrids, and my specific fascination with the Acer Iconia W5. Now, thanks to Sean and Ars Technica, I am aware of the Ativ Smart PC 700T1C from Samsung.


Samsung Smart PC Pro 700T

It’s sleeker than the W5. It also supports 64-bit Windows and has an Ivy Bridge processor. The resolution is better–1920×1080 vs. the W5’s bizarre 1366×768. The max 4GB of RAM is a concern, but this problem seems to plague all tablets.

I like that it works with a stylus (“pen”). The reviewer had concerns about the size, but I guarantee my hands are smaller than his. You can’t flip the screen around on the dock, but as I mentioned in my post on the W5, that feature was more of a bonus than a must-have.

It bothers me a little that it appears you have to buy the pen and the keyboard dock separately, meaning the list price is misleading. But I don’t think they add too much to the price–the stylus certainly doesn’t.

Ultimately I’d love to see one of these in person and get a feel for how it would be to own one.

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  1. I ended up just getting a traditional laptop -Dell Inspiron 14R – but it does have a touch screen. Performance is quite zippy and I really like it so far. I think they will someday have a good Tablet/Laptop combo – but perhaps not yet.

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