CHF Recovery: Day 1

Here are the things I accomplished on Wednesday, September 14.

  • Drank protein shake and took morning meds
  • Organized my closet a little (took the pile of jackets off my workout clothes)
  • Dressed in workout clothes
  • Went on 30-minute walk through neighborhood
  • Rested
  • Took a shower and dressed in regular clothes
  • Cooked a HelloFresh meal (it took three hours due to needing to rest throughout, but it came out great!)
  • Ate meal and watched Back to the Future
  • Set up MyFitnessPal with custom protein and sodium limits
  • Cleaned kitchen and started dishwasher
  • Napped for about an hour, until Sean came home and asked what to do for dinner
  • Relaxed while Sean made tuna sandwiches and creamed corn, since those things kept me under my sodium limit (I was pretty tired at this point)
  • Ate dinner and took evening meds
  • Watched The Clone Wars (finished the series) and otherwise relaxed for the rest of the evening
  • Took bedtime nutritional supplements and went to bed at 10:00

I left the jackets on the floor next to the hall closet. Never had the energy to hang them up. Sean thought this was hilarious.

Exercise: 30-minute walk, Sodium: 1923mg