CHF Recovery: Day 2

Here’s what I did on Thursday, September 15:

  • Drank protein shake and took morning meds
  • Got dressed in workout clothes
  • Walked for 30 minutes, this time hiking down to the river
  • Sat on the couch and rested for awhile while talking with Mom and Connor on Skype
  • Fried myself an egg and made a piece of toast, still on Skype
  • Ate my second breakfast and finished the Skype call
  • Hung up the jackets I’d left lying on the floor yesterday
  • Took a shower and dressed normally (jeans and t-shirt, like yesterday)
  • Rested for awhile
  • Ate lunch (the second serving of the HelloFresh meal I made yesterday)
  • Rested some more (I thought about doing things but I felt tired)
  • Figured out what I could eat from Shane’s Rib Shack to stay under my sodium limit; went there with Sean to pick it up
  • Ate dinner and took mealtime meds
  • Watched 30 Rock
  • Wrote a couple very short stories
  • Took my bedtime meds and went to bed at 11:30