CHF Recovery: Day 10

September 23, 2016. Period: Day 11.


  • Got up around 8:30
  • Took morning meds and had shake

Note 9:45am: I feel crappy. I don’t want to do anything. I need to do things. I am going to force myself to do things.

  • Did a task I had been foolishly putting off
  • Went on a 35-minute walk with a 3-minute cooldown
  • Got a phone call that greatly relieved me about the task I’d been putting off
  • Took shower
  • Got dressed; discovered my size 8 shorts fit me again!
  • Made myself some over-medium eggs (they broke) and toast
  • Ate some Whoppers and got uncomfortably full ;_;
  • Drove up to the doctor’s to get some paperwork filled out

Note 2:50pm: I found out that my kidneys are actually worse than they were in the hospital! Fantastic. So I need to drink a lot of fluids, but if I gain any weight I have to not drink a lot of fluids, on account of: heart failure. Double fantastic! I love the thought of being on dialysis

I am exhausted and as soon as I get this paperwork to HR I am going to bed.

  • Organized paperwork and sent it to HR
  • Got Sean’s paycheck out of the mailbox, drove to the bank, and deposited it
  • Divided a bag of trail mix into single-serving baggie portions (95mg sodium each)
  • Napped from a little after 5 until just before 8
  • Ate a yogurt and some peanut M&Ms for dinner (I need to get some sort of meal system going)
  • Picked up Sean from the airport at like 11pm
  • Got in bed sometime between midnight and 1 but didn’t get to sleep until around 3