Today I read back through all my CHF Recovery posts and it was interesting to see how exhausted I was in the beginning and how I am able to do more now. The whole needing to leave jackets on the floor because I was too tired to hang them up, for example (it wasn’t depression, it wasn’t that I mentally couldn’t do it, it was that physically I was exhausted). Today I accomplished a lot—I still got exhausted and had to take a nap, but I was able to do so much more than I was in the beginning.

The biggest issue I see right now with how I’m doing is food and water. I need to drink as much water as possible to keep my kidneys safe, so I’m working on that. Food is hard, though. I signed up for HelloFresh to begin with because I hate planning meals and shopping, and I always get their easiest recipes, but even just pulling a box out of the fridge and following directions seems like too much some days. I am not sure what to do about this. All I know is I am eating a ton of low-sodium snacks in lieu of actual meals. It’s gotta stop.