CHF Recovery: Day 11

Whoops, I forgot to even make a post yesterday. So here’s September 24, 2016

  • Got up, had protein shake and meds
  • Snuggled with Sean for a long time
  • Showered and got dressed; wore my size 8 shorts that I am really happy fit me again
  • Went to brunch with Sean; did pretty well on sodium
  • Basically goofed off on the computer until dinnertime
  • Went to Aspens with Sean for dinner; wore a nice dress

Note: We had a nice date because of Sean’s birthday, which was the day before. I splurged a bit on dinner but I did make sure they didn’t use salt when seasoning my steak. They gave us a Happy Birthday slice of red velvet cake for free and we also got apple cobbler. I had some of each.

  • Took my meds at the end of the meal as I had forgotten they were in my purse; almost lost the tiny heart pill when I dropped it but when I stood up it was somehow in my chair
  • Drove home as Sean had had some drinks
  • Goofed off online until bedtime