CHF Recovery: Day 12

I am still on my period. Will it last until Wednesday? This is day 13. If it lasts till Wednesday it’ll be a 15-day period. That’s…pretty long

Note 2pm: It looks like my period may be over! Thank goodness. Now to bolt down some protein before heading out with Charles and Heidi.

  • Ate leftover steak from last night
  • Switched wallet and such to my camera bag, filled a water bottle, and headed out
  • Went to the Atlanta Greek Festival with Charles and Heidi

Note 6:15pm: It was awesome. They seem to have a whole new building this year? Or are making use of a building they didn’t use before. In any case, the vendors were all set up in a large ballroom, and it was far easier to navigate. In the past they’ve tried having them in the classrooms of the cathedral building and outside next to the stage, and neither of those places really allowed for good traffic flow, so this was great.

I had a chicken plate. I skipped the white bread roll (digestive issues) and the green beans (way too much sodium) and ate most of the chicken, about half of the rice, and the whole piece of spanakopita. It was really good. After that we went and got pastries (I got three pieces of baklava, one for today and two for other days) and then went back to the vendor area so I could buy a bowl I had spotted earlier. It’s gorgeous FYI:

handmade bowl I bought at Atlanta Greek Festival

I also saw an amazing matryoshka wooden apple with the most meticulous, beautiful artwork on it. It was the best of all the matryoshkas I saw. Unfortunately it was $200, so I did not get it.

  • Came home
  • Ate a piece of baklava
  • Picked up Wendy’s for dinner, since the Greek food was at like 4:30

I thought a salad would be safe, sodium-wise. I was wrong. The salad I chose had 1070mg of sodium, which given what else I’d eaten was not going to happen. Thankfully I had also gotten a small chocolate Frosty, so I ate that instead and saved the salad for another day.

  • Went to bed at 10pm