CHF Recovery: Day 17

Today I am traveling! So I did my morning routine a bit out of order.

  • Got up and dressed in workout clothes
  • Put whites in the washer
  • Went on a 34-minute walk (I was so anxious to finish! Also it was really chilly out so I wore a hoodie. Fall is finally here)
  • Put whites in the dryer
  • Drank protein shake and took morning meds
  • Got started packing
  • Went out for Thai food with Sean
  • Finished packing
  • Went to the airport
  • Got through security only to discover my flight was delayed
  • Purchased and leisurely ate a salad
  • Finally got on flight
  • Ate Biscoff cookies because they are my favorite part of flying Delta
  • Arrived at LaGuardia, grabbed luggage, got a cab to my Airbnb
  • My host graciously carried my suitcase up all the stairs
  • Unpacked (the room is so nice, it has a computer desk AND a roomy wardrobe)
  • Went to BED at like 2:30am