CHF Recovery: Day 8

September 21, 2016

So, here’s a bit of TMI to start out our day.

When I was in the hospital (which was the night of September 8 through around noon on September 11), they gave me my depression medication, but they did not give me any birth control. Birth control is what regulates my periods. I was due to go off the birth control/start on the placebo today, September 21, and with the way my cycle has been, that would mean I would actually start my period on Friday, September 23 and it would last until next Tuesday or Wednesday. This is a standard period of five to six days.

However, because I went off the birth control early, my period decided to start early too. I started spotting on September 12, and it began in force on September 13. It’s September 21 now, which means I’ve been having my period for nine days.

I started taking my normal birth control right when I got home, but that obviously had no effect. I thought about just bumping the placebo up, but ultimately I did not do that, which means I now have a week of placebo ahead. I’m sort of worried this means I will have a period for this entire time. I mean…eventually I’ll run out of uterine lining, right?


In any case, I have an appointment today, so I’m going to try to get my morning routine done more quickly.

  • Weighed myself
  • Had my protein shake and morning meds
  • Read stuff online
  • Went to appointment
  • Did more reading online but felt very mentally tired
  • Took a nap from 2:00 to 4:30
  • Cleaned rotten food that should have been cooked last week out of the refrigerator
  • Cooked dinner: unseasoned chicken breast, unseasoned basmati rice, unseasoned steamed green beans (I threw some pepper on at the end though)
  • Ate dinner and took mealtime meds

Note 6:15pm: My appointment was with a therapist. I am supposed to pay attention to what I criticize myself about now. I need to figure out a place to put that. I do a lot of criticizing myself.

I feel very overwhelmed by all the stuff I need to do, even though it’s not all that much stuff.

  • Created a spreadsheet to track self-criticisms
  • Realized that I hadn’t eaten very many calories, so had a cookie, because that’s healthy lol
  • Oh whoops there’s another criticism
  • Went on a 30-minute walk with a 5-minute cooldown
  • Took a shower at like 8:45pm!
  • Sat around reading, and also wrote a tiny ficlet about Kylo Ren

I didn’t hit my calorie limit and I only had half the amount of sodium I could have today. This seems surreal, but I’ll go with it I guess. Tomorrow I’ll try to make sure and eat lunch.