CHF Recovery: Day 28

I am doing terribly with my diet and exercise since returning from New York. Actually I started messing up while I was there, and have simply continued here at home.

I started the day out all right, with a protein shake, but then various things happened and I got annoyed and I ended up getting more for lunch than I should have, and dinner wound up being fried chicken tenders with fries :P Here’s the rundown:

  • Woke up at 6am for some reason; went to the bathroom
  • Went back to sleep at 7am
  • Alarm went off at 9am; hit snooze until 9:30
  • Forewent a shower; got dressed
  • Drank protein shake and had morning meds
  • Continued reading very long story until time to leave for therapy
  • Went to individual therapy, discussed various things, got kind of upset

My therapist wants me to learn how to have a presence/power in person, not just online. She thinks this will help me pursue happiness in relationships and life goals instead of collapsing into myself. She says normally she can get a handle on a person right away, from the way they project themselves, but that I do not do this; I am “wispy”. We talked about how I have few local friends and spend most of my time online. And we talked about other stuff. And ultimately I feel overwhelmed and not confident but I’m hopeful she can help me find my way. I don’t know.

  • Headed back to my side of town; went to run errands before going home
  • Picked up prescriptions
  • Had my eyebrows threaded
  • Picked up protein shakes from Costco
  • Got myself some Starbucks

This is where I indulged. I had intended to do a Tall Chai Tea Latte with a Protein Bistro Box, but I got a Venti chai instead (which is enormous). I also got a pumpkin scone, which was not in the plan at all.

  • Came home and ate while finishing up reading the very long story (intermittently chatting and reading other things)
  • Spent some time with Sean when he got home
  • Messed around online some more
  • Went to pick up dinner, which, as I said above, was chicken fingers, sigh
  • Ate dinner and took evening meds
  • Continued messing around online, reading and chatting

Kathryn also had a bad day today, which sucked.

There was one good thing about today, and that was this video: