CHF Recovery: Day 29

  • Got up at 8:30
  • Drank protein shake and took morning meds
  • Messed around online
  • Took a 37-minute walk with two brief periods of jogging: one for a minute and a half at the beginning and one for five minutes at the end

The jogging was interesting. I was frustrated with myself for not going walking at all since I’ve been back, and the air was cool and crisp, and the sun felt nice, and the trees are changing color, so I just felt energetic. After five minutes of walking at a brisk pace, I jogged around a flat parking area, down a hill, back up the hill, and around a corner. That took about a minute and a half, and then I was gasping for air and feeling like I wanted to die. So, I stopped jogging and walked kind of slowly for the next 20 minutes or so, up the hill leading away from our area of the apartment complex and then across the bridges.

When I hit the 30 minute mark of the walk I felt like jogging again—I was heading downhill this time—so I did, and then I kept jogging even up the next hill, around the corner, around that flat parking area again, and down behind my building. Finally as I came back around I couldn’t jog anymore, so I slowed to a walk, and Runkeeper told me I was at 35 minutes a couple seconds later. So the second jog was about five minutes! And I didn’t feel nearly as bad after that one as I did after the first.

I am going to eat as well as I can today. I need to finish off some leftovers, but I’m going to track them properly and make sure I don’t get too much sodium.

There was another good thing about yesterday that I forgot to mention. My lab results from Monday came back, and my creatinine is back to normal. This means that my kidneys are doing okay. In the hospital my kidney function was quite low, and at my first doctor’s visit after the hospital it was still low, so we were concerned. I have focused on drinking water since then, and that seems to have gotten things back where they need to be. My labs also showed that my potassium level is good, which is good for my heart.

  • Chatted online and poked at some story ideas
  • Took shower and got dressed
  • Went to the salon for a wax (I’ve been doing this for eleven years damn)
  • Came home and ate lunch
  • Went to the doctor

My doctor upped my dose of lisinopril as expected, and we came up with a plan for my return to work. I asked her about anti-stress medication and she said to discuss that with my PCP, so I will make an appointment for that.

  • Came home and managed a ton of paperwork for my leave of absence/disability claim

At about this point Sean came home. He was pretty tired from work so he got into PJs and cocooned himself on the couch. Then a plumber came to check on the leak in his shower. He was like, “I need to cut open your wall. Maintenance will patch it up tomorrow. Or we could schedule me to do this right before they come?” but I was like “Eh, go ahead.” So there is a huge hole in the ceiling now. He looked at the pipes and then went upstairs and looked at our neighbor’s shower, then said someone would come to finish fixing things tomorrow. During all this excitement I:

  • Called to order sushi and went to pick it up

Later in the evening our neighbor took a shower, and water poured out of our ceiling. I took a video.

Sean and I ate the sushi and watched last week’s episode of Designated Survivor and honestly I cannot recommend this show enough, it is so interesting. Then we wrapped up with an episode of 30 Rock, and Sean went to sleep. I poked and prodded at some stories again for a little bit, then also went to bed, at around 11:30.

There’s someone I love who I am worried about right now. I think she is doing what she needs to do and will be okay, but in the meantime things are hard for her. That’s about all I’ll say for the sake of privacy, but I wanted to have a record of it.