CHF Recovery: Day 30

How has it already been 30 days since I started working on rebuilding my heart function? Looking back, I have done pretty well overall. My weight has stayed pretty consistent and I have been good about getting exercise, with the exception of a few days after I got home from New York. I’ve been eating pretty well too (again with a vacation exception). In general I think I am okay. I will keep working.

Sean had to use my shower this morning due to the hole in his ceiling. I was sort of already awake at that point, drifting in and out of the fuzzy well I could get up now I suppose haze. So I went ahead and got up.

  • Got up at around 8 and dressed in workout clothes
  • Drank protein shake and took morning meds
  • Poked around online

It was pretty chilly outside when I got up so I sort of wanted to wait until it warmed up to go on my walk. I have probably waited long enough now.

(The Rogue One trailer came out this morning and I may have gotten just a wee bit excited. Just a tad.)

I waited so long that I could not have gone any later. The walk was fine; it was sunny and clear and there was a nice coolness under the trees. My knees and ankles were complaining last night so I didn’t jog at all today. They felt fine after the walk.

  • Took shower and got dressed
  • Bolted down some yogurt and trail mix
  • Went out for a facial and a massage

I have a membership at a massage chain because I went there one time and they talked me into it while I was in happy massage afterglow. This month I had three services built up from not going for three months, so I used two and a half of them in one shot.

The facial was interesting. Some of the treatments burned my face a bit. I liked having my face massaged, and my hands, forearms, and shoulders. But I’m not sure I really want to do it again. The esthetician said she thought she had removed 10 years from my face, but I really do not see a difference.

The massage was great. I asked for whatever the masseuse recommended for someone who had just started walking and jogging and had sore legs, along with occasional pain in the knees and ankles. I also asked for a neck and shoulder massage, since I cannot get enough of those. It was all wonderful. She massaged my feet and it felt so great. The leg massage was great too.

I was a little dazed when I finally left, after two and a half hours!

The plumber arrived almost as soon as I got home. It was a different plumber from yesterday. He kept running back and forth from the upstairs neighbors’ apartment to ours. It was Very Exciting. ;) Eventually he left to get a different truck. I was heading out to pick up groceries for dinner when he got back, so I rolled down my car window and told him he could still get into the apartment, as Sean was now home.

  • Went to Kroger and got groceries for two dinners

Rush hour traffic was absolutely stupid coming home. At one big intersection, cars turning left across my lane kept blocking everything so that we were all stuck and missed the green light. After a couple turns of this, a bunch of cars just swung out to the left and went all the way around the obstructing cars. Since I was in the middle of these cars, I went with the flow rather than be an obstruction myself. It was crazy.

When I got back, the water had been turned off, so I settled in at my computer to wait for the plumbers to be finished. (The original plumber was here, and so was his little brother, with his own van.) They finished up sometime after 6 so I started on dinner then. I asked Sean if he wanted steak or chicken and he chose steak.

  • Seasoned the steak with pepper and salt substitute
  • Peeled and sliced a russet potato and put it on the stove to boil
  • Started a pot of mixed vegetables on another burner
  • Put the steak on the George Foreman grill
  • Watched everything, flipping the steak when necessary
  • Plated our dinner

Sean cleaned his plate and brought it to my office to show me :D “What?” I asked. “It was good,” he said.

I am really impressed with how low my sodium count is today. Only 662 milligrams. This doesn’t even seem possible, but I’ve logged everything. So that’s pretty awesome. (All I had for lunch was yogurt and trail mix, so that probably helped!)

  • Went to bed at 10pm