CHF Recovery: Day 31

This is the update for October 14, 2016 but I am only just now writing it, after midnight

  • Got up at Ridiculous O’Clock (6:30am)
  • Had protein shake and morning meds
  • Made myself eggs and toast with blackberries
  • Goofed off online
  • Watched a 1995 speech by Hillary Clinton (it was great)
  • Watched a couple episodes of Kyou Kara Maou
  • Ate a bowl of cereal (my first milk in quite some time, may have been a mistake)
  • Watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Snuggled with Sean
  • Cooked dinner

Yesterday I made steak; tonight I made teriyaki chicken. Rather than buy a big bag of frozen chicken breasts, I had purchased two refrigerated breasts. I marinated the chicken in half a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce (to cut down on sodium), started the rice cooker, grilled the chicken, and stir-fried some veggies. I don’t have a wok anymore so I just used a big pot. It worked fine. The chicken came out pretty well; the veggies and rice were awesome.

  • Ate dinner while reading online; took evening meds
  • Sean and I watched a speech President Obama gave in Ohio, which was quite good
  • Ate some dark chocolate craisins
  • Spent time with Sean (whenever I say this it is code)
  • Got back on the computer at around 11 and read some more
  • Ate some yogurt raisins and potato chips
  • Still am somehow 251 mg below my sodium limit; not so great on calories though!
  • Stayed up until after 2am writing a story