CHF Recovery: Day 34

This is the update for Monday, October 17, 2016.

Sean is off this week, and I’m still on leave from work, so we decided to vote early today.

  • Woke up at 5am; poked around online for a couple minutes and then went back to bed
  • Awakened at 10am by loud pounding that I thought was the door; Sean went to check and it was actually hammering coming from the upstairs guest bathroom, the one with the leak
  • Went ahead and got up
  • Had protein shake and morning meds
  • Messed around online for awhile, including researching local election candidates and discussing them with Sean
  • Took a shower and got dressed
  • Went to J. Christopher for brunch with Sean, where we discussed the four proposed amendments to the Georgia state constitution

I sort of created my own meal from their a la carte menu: one poached egg, one grilled chicken breast (no salt), one English muffin, and one fruit cup. I had to leave some of the English muffin and fruit as I got really full. It was a great meal.

  • Went to the Cobb County Civic Center for early voting

This actually took awhile; there were far more people there than I expected. First we sat down at a long table and filled out the application for early voting. Then we took our forms with us and got in a very long line. We were in the line for maybe 45 minutes. It zigzagged twice, ran across a room, zigzagged again, and then went into the actual voting room. A man at the door checked everyone’s application and ID.

We walked down a short hall to another door where a woman pointed us to check-in stations at the center of the room. There, a poll worker took the form, checked ID, and generated the voting card. Then we could finally vote, at any open station. This procedure wasn’t different from the other times I’ve voted in recent years, but it took so long to get to the end! But finally we got our Georgia Voter stickers and headed out.

  • Stopped at Starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte (Sean) and a chai tea latte and protein bistro box (me)
  • Spent time with Sean at home
  • Poked around online some more, reading, messing with some works-in-progress, and rearranging my files on Google Drive
  • Picked up chicken tenders and fruit cups for dinner
  • Continued doing that online stuff
  • Had a late snack of Swiss Rolls
  • Went to bed at around 2:30am (what is with my sleep schedule lately?)