CHF Recovery: Day 33

  • Got up at 8:30
  • Got dressed in workout clothes
  • Had protein shake and morning meds while reading a bit online
  • Started an assignment from my therapist that I have to hand-write
  • Went on a 38-minute walk (35 minutes walking, 3 minute cooldown)

It was warm, but not overwhelmingly so. I tried to go a different route than I have been, by cutting through the forest, and then cutting through the swimming pool area in my branch of the apartment complex, then going all the way down the second branch of the complex, then exploring a path I’d never noticed before on the way back up. It was pretty fun.

When I got back I had to shower immediately because I’d gotten pretty sweaty.

  • Showered
  • Considered dressing in PJs, but then figured I’d need to go shopping so put on regular clothes (shorts and a Star Wars t-shirt)
  • Started a load of laundry
  • Made brunch for Sean and me

I was going to just fry some eggs and have waffles on the side, but then I asked Sean if he wanted some and he said yes, so I decided to try poaching the eggs, since that’s his favorite, and putting them on top of the waffles. The eggs I used were a little old; you’re supposed to use fresh ones. So they did not congeal nearly as well as one would have hoped. Still, they came out fairly well, with nice runny yolks and firm whites! I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do them right so I gave the first ones to Sean, but then the second ones actually came out looking a lot better. Usually I like to give him the best-looking cooking result. Whoops.

Sean put maple syrup on his, which sounded weird to me, but he said it was good, so I put it on mine as well. I…am not sure I will ever do that again. It’s just kind of weird. Possibly because I used whole-wheat waffles? It was just a lot of flavor going on that didn’t quite harmonize for me.

  • Put laundry in the dryer; as Sean was getting in the shower, did not start the next load yet
  • Did some reading and chatting online
  • Watched last night’s SNL cold open¬†with Sean
  • Made voting plans with Sean
  • Took first load out of dryer; started second load
  • Folded and put away first load (a ton of whites)
  • Cleaned up kitchen from brunch and started dishwasher

I want to strip the bed and wash the linens. It’s been awhile. I also want to wash the couch cover and quilt. Right now, though, I am feeling tired, and I might just lie down for a bit.

  • Did not actually lie down but did sit and rest for awhile, reading
  • Unloaded second load of laundry (dark clothes) from dryer
  • Put third¬†load (sheets) in dryer
  • Put fourth load (towels) in washer
  • Folded/hung and put away second load

I want to list all those things out because it’s time consuming!

  • Ate some trail mix because I was hungry
  • Sean said he was hungry too, so we ran some errands and then went to dinner at our Thai place
  • Then we went to Dairy Queen and I got a mini M&M Blizzard
  • Came home and ate our Blizzards
  • Pulled sheets out of dryer and put towels into dryer
  • Put sheets back on bed
  • Changed into pajamas
  • Poked around online
  • Folded and put away towels
  • Read stuff online for like, hours
  • Went to bed at 1am