CHF Recovery: Day 52

I woke up naturally at 4:45am, but I could tell that I was not rested, so I went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 6. I was still tired then, so I snoozed for 15 minutes, and then for 15 more minutes. Then I got up, but I would still really rather not be awake.

  • Got up at 6:30
  • Showered and dressed
  • Had protein shake but didn’t finish it before time to leave
  • Packed random stuff for lunch and brought pills to work

I was tired for most of the workday. I managed to get through the rest of my emails (the sorting, anyway, not necessarily dealing with all the contents), and we had a meeting, and that was fine. I forgot to take a lunch break, but I went home at 4pm so that balanced out. Today was the last day for three people on my team and one person on the design team, so I signed cards for them and let them know I would write them LinkedIn recommendations (need to do that). I also got my report document updated with what had been accomplished while I was out. I was supposed to get a new computer, but when I took the old one down to trade it in, they realized Windows 10 had not been installed on the new one yet, so they wanted to do that first. So hopefully Monday I’ll get the new one.

When I got home I changed into pajamas and went to sleep. I slept until something like 8:30, and then I got up and made myself eggs and toast to eat with my evening meds. I went back to bed at 10:45.

I seem to have adjusted to the new medicine. The first day, it made me extremely nauseated, but I’m not having that reaction anymore. My mood also seems to be stabilizing. I’m certainly not thinking the things I was thinking when I got scared and called my doctor to change the medicine. The tiredness may be a side effect, or it might just be from going back to work after so long. I’ll have to wait and see.