CHF Recovery: Day 53

  • Got up at 8am
  • Had protein shake and morning meds
  • Read a fanfic
  • Ate some HelloFresh leftovers

I have therapy today. I am strongly tempted to just go in my pajamas, because I don’t want to get dressed :P I kind of want to go back to bed, really.

  • Managed to get dressed (but did not shower)
  • Went to therapy, where I was literally dozing off
  • Got Starbucks on my way home
  • Watched some That 70s Show and the first episode of a j-drama about an overnight restaurant in Tokyo
  • Went to the apartment office to get this week’s HelloFresh box, which for some reason FedEx didn’t bother to deliver to my door
  • Napped on the couch until around 8pm
  • Got up and made myself some mac and cheese
  • Ate dinner at my desk and took my evening meds
  • Read stuff online and chatted
  • Went to bed at 10:15