CHF Recovery: Day 69

Getting a head start on this today, so at least the post will exist to edit later.

Snoozed for 15 minutes this morning, then startled violently when my alarm went off again. I was half awake and thinking about a short story idea.

Got up and dressed and turned on the car, as it’s in the mid-thirties this morning. Then had my meds and protein shake and did a bit of reading online.

I did not exercise or eat properly all weekend, nor did I come up with a meal plan. Sigh.

This is Thanksgiving week; I’m only working through Wednesday. Sean is off entirely, and I am the personification of Envy. Ah well.


I got really stressed out today. Came home at lunch and cried in Sean’s arms for a bit. Picked up unhealthy lunch on the way back to work and ate it at my desk. Stressed so hard my chest started hurting, then tried to force myself to stop stressing. I was marginally successful.

When I got home from work I told Sean that food stresses me out and I had chest pain and I did not want to think about food ever again. He said we would go out to eat. I had already put on pajamas, but I put clothes back on. He asked me to drive because he hadn’t eaten all day and had a headache. I drove. He got vertigo. I got very grouchy and thought, but did not say, many unkind things.

We made it to the restaurant (Muss & Turner’s) and ordered and I spent most of dinner reading stuff on my phone. I had wagyu steak with gnocchi and mushrooms and it was pretty good, though kind of rich. Sean had a burger and chicharrones, which is a fancy way of saying pork rinds. We did not have dessert. On the way home Sean almost got sick. His allergies/sinus issues had combined with his headache and vertigo to form Super Unpleasantness. I drove as carefully as I could over the ridiculous number of speed bumps in our apartment complex. Pretty much as soon as we got home, he went to bed. I decided to take a shower, since I didn’t take one this morning.

I asked for writing prompts earlier in the day and I have several. I was eager to start working on them, but I feel tired. I guess I’ll try and see what happens.

(I did not write. I went to bed at 9pm.)