CHF Recovery: Days 67 and 68

Saturday, November 19

Sat in bed on my little laptop reading and such. Moved to my office when William got up. Went to therapy at 1, and it was good. I also took some nice pictures of fall leaves and trees. Came back and made myself lunch and goofed off online until dinnertime, then went and got myself some chicken strips. However, I was only able to eat one of them before I started feeling icky. I moved back to bed for a few hours, finally going to sleep at 10:30 or so.

Sunday, November 20

I woke up at 3:30am and could not get back to sleep, so I stayed up. Did some reading and writing, and ate cheesecake and my leftovers from last night. Moved to my office when William got up, then loaded the dishwasher and started laundry. William left around lunchtime. For lunch I had leftover spaghetti from Friday night.

I basically stayed on the computer and read all day. I finished the laundry (three loads) and picked up Jimmy John’s for dinner. It’s 8 o’clock now and I’m very tired, so I may well go to bed.

(In personal news I made a mistake that really hurt someone’s feelings, and I am trying to learn from that so it doesn’t happen again.)