CHF Recovery: Days 64, 65, and 66

Whoa, so yeah, I’ve been pretty neglectful with these updates! Let’s see if I can remember what I did all week.

Wednesday, November 16

I worked a half day because I had a doctor’s appointment. Work went fine. My doctor said I’m looking good (no swelling, blood pressure is good) so she doubled my dose of lisinopril. I am to also double my dose of coreg, but not for two weeks, to give me a chance to adjust to the lisinopril.

After the doctor, Sean and I had couples therapy. This went pretty well; I shared all the developments for me, and Sean talked about his worries, and we discussed Celena’s visit. Afterward we decided to go to AJ’s Famous Seafood and Poboys for dinner instead of going somewhere near therapy like usual. I had a ton of fried food that probably contained all my allowed sodium for the week.

I wrote a ton of ficlets on this day and one of them ended up being really popular!

Thursday, November 17

Only managed to write two ficlets on this day. Full day of work with several meetings, and I had lunch with my coworker Kathy so there was no time to write then. Lunch was really nice; we went to a nearby Indian buffet and they have really expanded their selection! They had two kinds of dessert. One was barfi, which I recognized from middle school when I made some as part of a project on Bangladesh; it did not taste the way I remembered, though. The other was sooji halwa, which I guess is kind of like a rice pudding except with semolina flour, and it was delicious. I loved it!

This was also Faye’s birthday, so I texted her and left her a note on Facebook <3

For dinner I picked up Taco Bell, and Sean and I watched The Daily Show. I ended up going to bed shortly after 9 because I was dead tired.

Friday, November 18

I managed to shower today, unlike yesterday. I also skipped my normal Starbucks breakfast, but this just meant I was half asleep until lunch. I need to find something with a little less sodium to eat in the morning.

Lunch was a company “tailgate” party; we had barbecue catered by Jim ‘n’ Nick’s. It was delicious. I had a small serving of both baked beans and mac and cheese, because you gotta. I also had a huge piece of pecan pie because I am incorrigible.

Even after all that, I was starving by the end of the day. If there’s one thing I miss about Wellbutrin (and I really do think it’s just the one thing), it’s the appetite suppressant. Oh well.

I forgot William was coming over this weekend, so I picked up dinner for two on the way home. Oops. We ended up splitting our entrees among the three of us, and I steamed some veggies for a side. I think it turned out to be enough food. Gotta love American portion sizes.