Character sketches

Celia Mazarin: Popular, drop-dead gorgeous, and wickedly intelligent, but doesn’t have any real friends and considers herself shy. Doesn’t know how to relate to anyone as her background is so different–she’s the daughter of the richest man in the world, so none of the other students can really compare. Sophomore who has attended this school since kindergarten.

Natalie “Byron” Ryan: Unpopular, beautiful but slovenly, antisocial, theatrical, and a brilliant musician. Byron is more likely to be cutting class and smoking than paying attention to teachers. Sophomore. Transferred in freshman year.

Mick Allen: Seems rather uninteresting at first. Newly-transferred sophomore, but keeps to himself and doesn’t excel or fail. Tends to stress out privately.

Julien Straub: Quiet senior with few friends, most of them girls. An artist.

Amaris Martin: Child of diplomats with a gift for languages. A junior. Plays the flute.

Maran Martin: Amaris’ older brother, a senior. Plays piano.

Bill Anderson: The quintessential nice guy. Student body president, baseball player, senior.

The Franks

Milla Frank: Bill’s on and off girlfriend. Makes decent grades but hasn’t really found her calling. Senior. Eldest Frank child. Feels like she should accomplish something great, but isn’t sure what that would be.

Phillippa “Phil” Frank: A junior. A genius in physics, especially electromagnetic phenomena. A marriage has been arranged for her with a college-age boy, but she’s having him wait until she’s satisfied with her education and life experiences.

Thaddeus Frank: Phil’s twin, a junior. Often makes fun of his sister about her arranged marriage. On the baseball team.

CD Frank: A sophomore.

Josephine “Joey” Frank: The most outgoing of all, Joey is also the baby of the family. She loves anything and everything cute, but surprisingly is rather timid around animals. She also has an insatiable sweet tooth. A freshman.

Raquel Pella: A loudmouthed sophomore.

Serena Midler: Alpha female of the main sophomore clique.

Mindy Clark: Serena’s number one. Dresses perhaps too sexily when not at school. Has most guys at the school wrapped around her little finger.

Stacy Keane: The rather sharp-witted member of Serena’s clique.

Beth Wagner: A shy girl who seems somewhat out of place in Serena’s group.

Chad Birkenstock: A freshman who has become something of a gofer for Serena.

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