Don’t give in and go sour

I just heard what may or may not be the theme for the new Transformers movie. (Autobots are watching over you!) Willis describes it as “awesomely terrible, and reminds me of ‘Turtle Power’ in almost all the right ways.”

Ah, “Turtle Power”. Do you want to know something horribly embarrassing about me? Back in the day, I loved TMNT. No, I mean really. I wanted to be Donatello, enough that I had gender issues in gym class when it came time to go to the locker room.


Anyway, it always bothered me that I could never be Donatello because I wasn’t male. (The parts about not being a ninja or a turtle were secondary I guess.)

But then Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles–the movie–came out. One day I was sitting in the family room listening to the music over the end credits, and it happened. There was a break in the music, and the rapper spoke these words like a blessing:

“If you stand for what you believe in, and have the strength to do what’s right, that’s Turtle Power.”

So there it is, one of the most life-affirming moments in my adolescent years.

The pointing and laughing may commence…now.

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