As you may know, I’m a fan of Disney’s Gargoyles. I’m collecting the DVDs, but I haven’t really gone past that. There’s a large fanbase that I’ve never become a part of. Fanbases kind of frighten me, after my experience with ReBoot fans, but some really interesting stories have apparently been told through fan conventions. Today I learned there is also a comic book, and it’s in danger of not continuing.

The following was posted on Facebook by a girl who used to RP on the AMRN. She’s the coolest kind of geek, smart, funny, and a great writer. We were never close by any means, but I always liked and admired her. It was neat to see that she’s also a fan of Gargoyles. Check out her call to action:

I just joined every Gargoyle’s group on facebook to get this message around. Disney, in their infinite wisdom, has arbitrarily jacked up the licensing fee to Gargoyles. Slave Labor Graphics, the company publishing the comic book, can not afford to renew. The comic series is canceled. There are two silver linings to the situation: Greg Weisman, the creator and writer of the original show (seasons 1 and 2) and the SOLE writer and power behind the comic, is determined not to give up on finding another outlet for the stories to continue; and Disney isn’t bringing in a bunch of hacks to cheapen the comic up and make it stupid like they did the show, see season 3.

There is only ONE WAY to get through to the Disney corporation, and that is, if you have any expendable income, if you were considering buying something you DON’T NEED TO SURVIVE-

Why not make that something a piece of OFFICIALLY LICENSED Gargoyles merchandise? The DVDs, the T-Shirts at Hot Topic, the TPBs and individual issues from SLG? That illegal, pirated, 78 episode dvd set is pretty badass. So are torrent sights. But none of those thing show up as number on Disney’s radar. When you’re getting your fix somewhere else for cheap or free, it registers with them as a lack of interest. If no one’s going to buy it, they’re not going to produce it.

Greg Weisman is an extremely dedicated creator, who is not just willing but eager to push the boundaries of storytelling in what was designed as a family-friendly medium. Freed from the shackles of Saturday Morning standards, he’s taken Gargoyles even further (as anyone who’s read Bad Guys or the Gargoyles comic can attest).

This news was broken to Greg personally during the San Diego comic con a few weeks ago, so it’s pretty new. And since Gargoyles hasn’t exactly been supported by any publicity of any kind since it was first aired, the news isn’t exactly sweeping the net like wild fire.

But I thought I would come here, and let you guys know the deal. The creator is only one guy. He works in an industry that has essentially zero job security. It’s not like he can just run off and fund his own publishing house. It’s up to the fans to make good things happen for this series.

Spread the word. Buy a t-shirt.

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"I’ve been denied everything…even my revenge!"

My Gargoyles season 1 two-disc set arrived the other day, and I’ve already watched all the episodes plus the commentary on the first five. Good stuff.

Gargoyles is still one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Watching it again really took me back to my life as a teenager, though. The commentaries especially reminded me how much time has passed, and what things were like for me in 1994.

Sometimes I wonder if nostalgia is wanting things to be the way they used to be, or wanting yourself to be the way you used to be. Either way, it’s wistfulness over an impossible dream…but it can be such a poignant feeling.